Promoting Your Company in the US Market

The US market holds the promise of fabulous success for Irish companies. No matter the industry -- software, pharmaceuticals, components -- the American market is buying what Ireland has to sell.

In the vast US marketplace, making your mark in the industry is a challenge. To be noticed amongst the crowd, to compete effectively, you must market skillfully. That means using every marketing tool at your disposal. Understand and tailor your marketing efforts for American buying behaviours. One important weapon in the marketing arsenal is public relations.

Public Relations as a marketing tool

Sometimes misunderstood or overlooked by young companies, public relations is a critical component in your communications strategy. Public relations supports your strategic sales and marketing objectives via an array of activities, including:

Trade and business news coverage
Event sponsorships
Leadership positioning
Executive speaking engagements

The Kennedy Group's team of communications specialists is ready to help you transform your marketing expansion plans, product launches, new client, investor and partnership announcements into high visibility business successes.


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